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Ziki is 7 months

This is how cold it is here. Zeke has sherpa lined boots and a hoddie on. (It's in the 50*s F.) As you can see his jacket is way too small for him (he's long limbed). He is wearing Gio's old pants and shirt that fit Gio when he was one. He's the big little brother.

Family Picture

We are having fun in Hawaii, of course. Adam came to Gas Chambers with us and took some family pictures. Zeke had just woken up and wasn't being his usual bubbly self and neither was Gio, but we got some good ones anyway. We longboarded at Pupukeas. Danny and I caught two waves tandem and I practiced my handstands. It was very small, but fun anyway.

We Miss You Friends

I was looking through the photo archive and pulled these up from August 1st. I thought Gio and Doyle's expressions were pretty cool. I just found out that Logie is talking and I'm freaking out. He's not even going to remember me. The other Sunday at 9:20pm Gio was deliriously tired. He hadn't had a nap because of church. He was laying there and he said, "I want to ride a front loader. With Doyle. When Doyle gets back from Washington ABC we're gonna ride a logging truck together."

Who's Who?

I got down the box of 6 months clothes since Zeke hit the mark and these jammies looked like they'd fit. They look a lot alike don't you think? I tricked Gio into thinking he was Zeke. Haha! The teeth give it away though. Gio is 10 months in these pictures and Zeke is only 6.


This is a picture of Gio in his new work boots that he found at the swap shop. I love the swap shop. It is the best place in the world.
Here is Danny and Zeke being Chinese acrobats.

Friday Fun Day

This picture is for Doyle if you're out there. Your lion never made it to the swap shop and is safe at Gio's house.
Ziki is practicing crawling. He can balance on his hands and knees, but can't figure out how to move forward. He can move backwards by scooting, but backs himself under the couch. You know how it goes.
This picture is to show that it is getting cold here. Zeke is wearing a sweater and shoes (but obviously not that cold because Gio still takes his shoes off every time I put them on). Oh yeah and they are both wearing size 6-12 months clothes in this picture. Someone asked if they were twins that day.

Zeke turned 6 months yesterday and he ate a bowl of rice cereal and a smashed banana. He liked it. He mostly liked sucking and biting on the spoon. We have lots of videos of everything, but when I try and post them they just come up as a picture. Maybe one of these days you can get some footage.

More Halloween

Danny told Gio to duck down for the picture, so he did. I was Pipilongstockings and I love Zeke in his running shoes. Zeke can sit up (as of today) and he can balance on all fours for a while. More pictures of that tomorrow. I forgot to tell about Gio and his candy. We let him eat as much as he wanted Halloween night. He had a huge sugar high. Crashed. Didn't wake up until 10am the next morning and hasn't asked for a piece of candy since. It was totally in plain sight all the next day. Weird.


Here are some Halloween pictures. Gio was a dinosaur/dragon. He was so cute and loved Trick or Treating (at this very moment he is saying "Gio has lots of candy. Gio wants to go trick or treating."). He knocked on the doors and actually said the line. Zeke got his own bucket full of candy too. The top picture is Zeke with his friend Carter. We got Gio the homemade dinosaur at the thrift store in memory of Danny's costume he had at that age.

Becky and Doug

For some reason my computer only lets me post four pictures at a time. So, here are some more. Danny and Doug had fun surfing together. We have lots more good pictures thanks to Becky the photographer.

Dougie and Becky

Dougie and Becky came to visit us. It was so much fun. We wish they lived here with us all the time. Gio bossed them around the whole time and made Becky wipe his bottom.

Last Tie Dye Batch

Here are the latest tie dyes. I think I am going to try and sell at a booth with my friend down in Ventura. I have lots more to do. The pink one was supposed to be a heart. I'll try again.

More pictures

Gio eating Cheerios.
Zeke sitting up in his stroller. He doesn't like to sit back and relax. He's a big boy.
Danny and Zeke at the beach.
Zeke biting his bottom lip, like he does a lot.