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Tummy Time

This is how much Zeke enjoys tummy time. He is so sad and funny at the same time.


This is the outside of our apartment. 768A.
The place that Gio, Zeke, and I hang out all day.
Hence, the name of the blog.
These are the flowers that I recently planted and two of Gio's many bikes.
Although, Gio prefers the abandoned bikes which are pink. They are easier to pedal. We live in a "cottage" which means we are on the end of a building with no on above or below us and we don't really share any walls. We got pretty lucky.

Ancestral Home

This is the apartment that Mike, Pam, Enoch, Adam, Jesse, and Christian lived in when I was born. Pretty cool huh?

Safety 1st

I walked over to the mailbox and left Zeke sleeping and Gio playing in his room. When I came back the front door was open and Gio was standing with the safety 1st child proof door knob in his hand. He had taken it off. Haha. So much for feeling secure that he can't escape when I'm not looking.