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Last Tie Dye Batch

Here are the latest tie dyes. I think I am going to try and sell at a booth with my friend down in Ventura. I have lots more to do. The pink one was supposed to be a heart. I'll try again.

More pictures

Gio eating Cheerios.
Zeke sitting up in his stroller. He doesn't like to sit back and relax. He's a big boy.
Danny and Zeke at the beach.
Zeke biting his bottom lip, like he does a lot.

Enormous as a Whale

Ziki is getting really big. At his October 15th appointment he measured in at 26 1/2" (75%), 15 lbs (15%), and 17 1/2" (80%) for head circumference. (Do they do H.C. in inches?)
Gio fell asleep reading "Quick as a Cricket." Did I mention it was midnight?
Gio has started to draw. This is a face. That is hair on the top.

The DeMartinis

On Conference weekend the DeMartinis drove down to Santa Barbara to visit us. We had a really good time. We went to the beach and Natalie surfed without a wet suit even though it was freezing. We also went to a UCSB Men's soccer game which was really fun.

Sunday beach walk

I thought this plant looked kinda neat. The "ice weed" in the foreground is a beautiful invasive species that they kill. :)
Gio had to jump down each stair with two feet.

On Sunday after conference and after the DeMartinis left we went for a beach walk with Billy and Ingrid and kids and Hilary and Tyler and Carter. It was pretty fun. There were three of us wearing babies. Gio and Billy and Seth ran the whole way sliding down the sand cliff. They really expended a lot of energy. I was lucky because I was wearing Zeke so Danny got to stick with Gio at the back of the pack. When we got home he asked, "What did you guys talk about?" Oops. My slippers got covered in tar and instead of trying to clean it off I pretended that I resoled them. It has already worn off more or less. The beach is beautiful here in its own way (once you get used to the smell).

Almost 5 months

Today was cold so the boys wore beanies. I never got a picture of Gio in his hat because Zeke pooped and we had to go home from the park real quick. Zeke has been sneaking into bed with us every night because he says he's cold all alone in his bed with no blanket. He's pretty sneaky.

Baby Einsteins

Gio has started to like watching movies. The only ones we have are Baby Einstein. He thinks that they are very interesting and hilarious at times. He always makes Zeke watch with him, but it's not really fair because Gio can get up and walk away at any time, but Zeke is stuck watching. This is a picture of them in front of the boob tube.