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Post Happy

Zeke in his Santa suit.
Danny and Gio walking to church. I love this picture. They look so nice.
Danny with some shrooms. He bought himself a book called "Mushrooms Demystified" and he can't stop reading it. I had to threaten to throw it in the bathtub.
Gio ready for church another day.

Butterfly Forrest

The Sunday before last I was sick in bed and so Danny took the boys for an outing. He took them to the Monarch butterfly nature preserve (aka the butterfly forrest). It was so nice to be able to take a nap in peace and let my body heal. After they saw the "boofoodoo bai fu dais" they went to see the waves of course. On the way home Gio fell asleep in Danny's arms and Danny telling me about trying to push the stroller with one hand was the best medicine (laughter).


Lately Gio has become obsessed with matching. He wants to match with Zeke all the time. The only problem is they only have two matching shirts and one matching jammies. So...I sometimes have to try and convince him that they are matching just because they are wearing the same color. He doesn't really buy it. Also, Gio insists that his eyes are blue. This is one of their matching outfits (thanks Becky).

Grandad's Hairplane

I know that I am the lamest "blobber" in the world, but I am turning over a new leaf and I'm going to start posting (every once in a while at least). This is just one of the fun things Gio got to do over Christmas break at Nanna and Grandad's house. He really liked going in Grandad's hairplane. They flew over Squaw Valley and Lake Tahoe and landed at the Portola airport. The one of him with the snow on his hand is classic. Ouch it hurts. I love these pictures of Gio and Dave. Gio has a really good grandpa.

Deja Vu Again

We're alive.
Zeke is trying to be Gio everywhere we turn. If you wonder why Gio has so much more hair, it's because he's 16 months in the picture and Zeke is only 8.