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LIttle Garden Friends

On Saturday Danny found a snake and a blue belly lizard in the garden. He was very excited to show them to Gio. Initally Gio held the snake and liked it, but by the time I wanted to take a picture he wouldn't touch it. He did like the lizard though. And, yes, in case you were wondering Zeke did try to grab the snake's head. We planted some asparagus and raspberries and cleared and dunged around the loquat trees (and by we I mean Danny--the boys won't let me stay at the garden for more than two minutes without freaking out). Also, we've been eating the lettuce and spinach from the garden and I am going to make Thai curry tomorrow with our home grown lemon grass. I love the garden and love that Danny is so into taking such good care of it.

Tie Dye Twins

I got Gio and Zeke matching sweaters for church for $3 at Old Navy. We went on a bike ride after church in our new bike trailer which they love and they both fell asleep. Amazing.
Here they are in their matching tie dye that I made last night. (Zeke is actually walking in this picture.)
And this is the shirt I made for myself. I like the back of it.

Goleta Beach

Here are a few pictures from a trip to Goleta beach last week. We have been having really warm weather and Gio actually swam that day. He kept saying, "Gio wants to catch waves on him tummy." He had tons of fun playing with Billy, Sethie, Doyle, Logan and Zeke. Gio has been loudly and clearly asserting his autonomy lately. Pam told me it's called growing pains. Whatever it is it has been rather painful. On a brighter note, Zeke took five steps tonight. Yay!

Let Sleeping Babies Lie

My mom gave me some advice that Mimi gave her, "Never wake a sleeping baby." I am a firm believer in this philosophy. I don't know if it is because Gio has such a hard time going to bed or what but if he is asleep I let him sleep. Lately he's been sleeping in past 9:00 in the morning. It has been really nice for Zeke and I to have our mornings alone together. We take a bath or have a nice quiet breakfast or just play (since Zeke wakes up a 6:30 yikes). I don't know what I'm going to do when Gio starts school (I guess I'll just have to let him skip first period so he can sleep in).

Gaviota Hot Springs

Last Saturday we took a little family and friends hike to the hot springs. Gio and Doyle were pretty cute hiking together. Gio couldn't really hike because all the the rocks and sticks were too distracting, so I carried him most of the way. The hot springs were clean and warm (perfect temp for the boys) but small (perfect depth for the boys). Zeke loved being in the water, but hated getting out because the air was really cold. Gio practiced swimming and going under and couldn't stop jumping. They both loved it so much. We had a spam musubi picnic in the sun after we got out thanks to Danny for waking up early and making the picnic.

Boys in the Tub

The letters GO W on the back wall have NO significance. This is just a quick post to say that Zeke took a step yesterday. I'm excited. And don't worry, Gio does have a matching camo hoodie.