May 27, 2008


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"Where is my howdy partner hat?"

May 26, 2008

Proud Monkey Mother

Sorry for the terrible flash-o-rific pictures, but this is a proud moment none the less. I didn't even know that Gio was practicing to acquire this skill. There we were in kitchen and I saw him pick up his sippy cup with his toes (so he wouldn't have to bend over). I started laughing and made him do it again for the camera and he did it three more times! He's a total pro. I'm so proud.
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Strawberry Chex

Gio started throwing up Thursday night and now it's Monday morning and I'm still not sure if we're in the clear. He has been really good natured through the whole ordeal. Whenever we ask him how he's feeling he says, "fine". The first night he wanted to play in between throwing up, the second he watched movies all day but by yesterday all he could do was sleep all day only waking to throw up. It's been pretty sad. Zeke got away with only three solid days of heinous diarrhea and a bad bum rash (he consumed a tube of Budreaux's butt paste and about 60 diapers in those three days). Oh yeah, and Danny hurt his knee at frisbee on Friday night. Torn acl? We'll see tomorrow.
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May 20, 2008

Black and White

Here are a few more from the same day.
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Rebel- 1st try

Danny got his new rebel xti. He's been taking pictures and messing around with stuff trying to learn how to use it. Here are some of the first pictures.
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May 19, 2008


Zeke got a big boy (forward facing non infant) car seat for his birthday. He loves it. He hated being buckled into his rear facing seat and cried and flailed every time we had to put him in it. Now he just giggles when we buckle him up and points out the window while we're driving. His expression is pure relaxation.
Here's a picture of sleeping Halloween Jack o lantern Pooh.
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Here are just a few of their many new twins outfits. I know I said before that Gio was obsessed with being twins. Now I'm obsessed with being twins. They are so cute when they are dressed the same.
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May 16, 2008

Zekey turned 1!

Zeke loved his vanilla Costco cake. Yum.
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Gio turned 3!

We had a little backyard BBQ for Gio's birthday. Here is Gio, Seth, Doyle, and Logan watching Danny light the candles.
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May 15, 2008

Baby Dr. Emmett Brown?

This is what happened when I gave Zeke a yogurt and a spoon and turned around to make dinner. He actually ate most of it before he rubbed it all over his tray and in his hair. He looked like this when Danny got home and Danny couldn't stop laughing and saying, "Zeke you look crazy." Crazy like Dr. Emmett Brown.
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Beach Day

We went to the beach today. The boys looked good in their new matching beach ensembles thanks to Nanna. We had fun digging and watching the dolphins. There were tons and tons of dolphins swimming around the bay. Some even came within 10 feet of shore. We saw a bunch of thrashing and decided we saw a shark. Then we thought about it and decided all we saw was the dolphins eating. We chilled with Doyle, Logan, Lizzy and baby Andy (in utero).

Finally, I have a funny anecdote... Danny had to remember it for me. The other day I was having a nervous breakdown and I was yelling at everyone. I just finish yelling and Danny began his rebuttal. He said, "Kaity you're so...(long pause)." He wanted to call me stupid but not in front of Gio. Then Gio jumped in and finished Danny's sentence for him ... "annoying us."
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May 14, 2008

Gio the daredevil jumper

Lest you think that Zeke is the only daredevil in our family, here are some pictures of Gio. He is obsessed with jumping off of things and is always looking for new things to jump from. The other night he found a new platform: Danny's shoulders. He stood up on Danny's shoulders and jumped over his head and landed pretty well, if I remember right.
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Ziki and the Quad

I realize I have been an absent blogger and that I am going to have to post about a million times in a row to catch up, but I am going to post something random anyway. Here are some pictures of Zeke being a daredevil on the four wheeler. Also, soon to come 1st and 3rd birthday pictures. Yay!
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