July 27, 2008

Happy Belated 29th Birthday Danny!

Here are the pictures from the day after Danny's birthday. We spontaneously decided to go to 6 flags Magic Mountain for Danny's birthday without the kids (thanks to Andrew and Lizzy who babysat for 12 hours--we still owe you guys)! So we had to have Danny's birthday cake the next day. He requested a yellow cake with rainbow chip frosting and vanilla pudding and fruit in the middle. Sounds good right? Well, he set me up. Only after my cake totally crumbled on one side did he tell me, "Remember when my parents were gone for Julia's birthday and I made her cake and it totally fell apart? This is the kind of cake I made." Obviously it was sugary and delicious, but it wasn't very pretty.

I realize that it is one month and six days after Danny's birthday but better late than never right? I love Danny so much and I know that deep down he feels cheated for not having a birthday post. I was always planning on doing one, but got a little sidetracked. So here it is . . .

Twenty-nine things I love about Danny.

1. He's a really good dad and husband. He makes sacrifices for us everyday. The boys love him and he is a good example to them.
2. He is a good provider. He works hard so that I can stay home and take care of the boys.
3. He's fun to be with. He doesn't criticize or see the negative in situations or people but focuses on the positive.
4. He's a good cook. He isn't afraid to try new things. If he tastes something he likes he'll go home and figure out how to make it. His food is always gourmet and his food always looks as good as it tastes.
5. He is a kid at heart. I don't think that Danny will ever "grow up" because he doesn't want to. He likes to be spontaneous and play funny tricks on people like when he scares me in the shower every other day.
6. He loves to be outside. He loves to surf, backpack, hike, swim, fish, play ultimate, cliff dive, and the list goes on.
7. He has an amazing green thumb. He can grow anything. He is growing an abundant garden right now with at least 30 different vegetables and fruits.
8. He is a really good coach. He has coached me through many things. Most recently Frisbee as he watched injured from the sidelines wishing he could play.
9. He is guileless. He never does things to get even, or teach someone a lesson, or make someone jealous or mad. (I have Arrested Development on the mind.)
10. He is adventurous.
11. He is a good scientist. He is a smarty pants but you would never know it.
12. He is a good teacher. He never makes you feel dumb for not knowing something or not knowing how to do something. He just taught Gio how to fish at the lake. Gio was so excited.
13. He is good with his hands. He can figure anything out, fix anything, make anything, etc.
14. He is funny. He knows how to make people laugh.
15. He isn’t afraid to learn new things. He just got a new camera and is learning how it works. (I’m totally afraid of it.)
16. He loves the water. When Danny and I first started hanging out everything we did had to do with water. We when prawn fishing, surfing, jumping off the point or Waimea or spitting caves, spear fishing, or hiking to a water fall.
17. He’s a good writer.
18. He is a fast runner. He ran and won the turkey trot cold turkey.
19. He is goofy so we like to surf the same spots.
20. He is a good brother and friend.
21. He likes good food.
22. He is a good athlete.
23. He has huge calves.
24. He speaks Cantonese.
25. He let me use his toothbrush the first time I met him.
26. He has pretty blue eyes.
27. He can play the harmonica like my grandpa.
28. He likes to make love chocolates.
29. He loves me.

I love you Danny and I am so happy I get to spend my life (and eternity) with you.
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July 18, 2008

To Read or Not?

I decided that I wanted to start reading more. Actual books, not blogs. So this morning I stayed in bed trying to finish the last twenty pages of a 200 page book I’ve been reading for the last 6 months (pathetic I know). Danny had been taking care of the boys while I was taking this little indulgence. So I thought. Gio came into my room trying to tell me something but I just kept on reading. I finished my book and came out to the living room. Feeling good about my accomplishment, however small it was. Zeke greeted me with this little surprise.
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July 16, 2008


Lately Gio and Zeke have been getting along really well. Every time I leave the room it seems like Gio has Zeke laughing hysterically or the other way around. In the bathtub all Gio has to do is splash and Zeke thinks it is hilarious. Tonight Gio was hiding under Zekey's high chair and Zeke would look down and say "boo" and Gio would just start rolling with laughter. It is so fun to see Zekey become a big boy and a good friend to Gio.
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