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This one's for Enzo

Enzo, guess who came over to our house today? Elmo!

We have some news!!!!!

Gio's pregnant!

Before and After

The Buzz

Doyle do you have a new buzz too?


Zeke loves to say cheese for the camera. Loves it. The first picture is cropped weird because I had to crop out some background nudity. Heehee.
Danny and Enos consulting the map. They found out that we drove in through one side of the park for hours on winding roads and were very close to the other end of the park. It wouldn't have been that annoying except that Gio had gotten car sick and thrown up his peach.

They're so cute together.

We made Gio sleep in the bear box because he's such a tasty morsel.

Camping at the Sequoias

The boys love camping. They got filthy.

Giant Sequoias

Here are some pictures of the giant sequoias. We went camping with Enos while he was here. The tree that Danny is standing on in the top picture was the largest tree in the world until some explorers found it and cut it down and hauled it off to the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. They cut it up into small pieces and put it back together when they got there. People thought it was a hoax. I think Enos is standing by General Grant, the second largest tree in the world.

Tie dye quilt

My favorite friend Lizzy moved to Arizona (for a year then they'll move to Disneyland), but before she left she helped me/taught me how to sew a quilt. It was so fun. She actually tie dyed the squares on the front as well. I love it. It is so fun. I started making another one (all I need is some binding to finish). She made one to. You can see hers here. We miss you Lizzy, Doyle, Logan, and Andy. (We saw Andrew today!!) :)

New hair

I colored my hair. It's not that exciting, but I like it.


When Jesse and Bekah were here we went to the beach at Lorraines and had a BBQ. It was fun. Zeke is talking on his Trader Joe's chocolate block cell phones. Danny took some cool pictures (Jos took these ones). Where are the picts of Jesse and Bekah and girls. I don't know. But I promise they came.

Joslin's here

Joslin's here!!!! (Well right now she's in NY with Dave for Rosh Hashana.) We love her. This is her and Danny at the soccer game. Go Gauchos! The other day she and Zeke went to Costco together. It is amazing to have her here! She makes everything so much more fun!


Random post. Found another Tigger costume at the swap shop. Zeke loves it (although it's too small). He totally says "cheese" for the camera. This was my birthday omelet from a month ago. It was really good. Oh, and this is a spam musubi train I made for Gio's preschool snack. He started joy school a month ago and loves it. (They were learning about trains that day>)