November 18, 2009

Silly Turkey

Gio is being like the silly turkey in "Blue Hat, Green Hat" by Sandra Boynton with his shirt on his legs and his pants on his arms. He has the funniest ideas sometimes.

Zeke doesn't take naps (for the most part) anymore, so he finds himself catnapping here and there, because he really still needs naps.

This is what happens when you feed your child blueberries for dinner: they turn into a dragon.

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November 16, 2009

My Family


I asked Danny to take a picture this morning because I wanted to remember how sweet my little brood of babies is. Zeke was sharing his blanket with the rest of us. He spread it across all of our laps. He is really such a sweet big brother. He will do anything to make Lilikoi smile. This morning was amazing. Danny took Gio and Zeke to school and Lilikoi and I stayed home. She nursed and slept and I cleaned like a mad woman. I was determined to be super productive . I showered super fast. That alone usually takes me all morning/day. Made the bed. And on and on. The house hasn't been this clean in over 11 weeks. I also made and sent 3 packages and speed walked to the post office to send them. Did all the laundry including the diapers. Mopped and vacuumed the whole house. Got rid of all of the swap shop extras that have just been floating around with no where to be put away. And the funnest thing I did was watch Lilikoi roll over from back to front and back. Video coming soon. (As soon as I take one.) I will admit that I only finished half of my to do list, but I felt good about what I did and I'll take what I can get.
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November 12, 2009

Gio and his candy



This picture really doesn't do his pile of candy justice. He worked really hard walking up and down the stairs for almost 2 hours. Danny said that Gio kept knocking on the doors and saying trick or treat before the door opened. Then when the person would come out with the candy he would just stand there silent. He really had fun though and kept saying "I got way more candy than last year."
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November 06, 2009






Here is Danny's phallic squid pumpkin, Zeke's surprised pumpkin, and last but not least Gio and Stuti's jagged teeth creation.
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We love Halloween around here. Gio loves to dress up everyday, but only on Halloween does he get to be in a parade and get buckets full of candy. The question "What were you for Halloween?" doesn't have a simple answer. Gio started off the week as a firefighter. We bought the entire costume and made him oxygen tanks with 2 liter soda bottles and black duct tape. But, when I poured out the bag of costumes and Zeke put on his Peter Pan from last year, which had magically become Robin Hood, Gio had to have one too. So, we went over to the swap shop and found a green pillow case and transformed it into Robin Hood's tunic. He completed the rest of the ensemble and ran around for the rest of the afternoon as Robin Hood. When Nana and Grandad showed up minutes before trick-or-treating with an Astronaut costume he was giddy with excitement. Lilikoi also wore three costumes: a fairy, a pea pod, and a lady bug. Zeke on the other hand is a boy who doesn't even like to wear normal clothes. So, he wore his Robin Hood shirt, but hated the belt so he took it off. He didn't mind that Gio stole his hat and shoes because he didn't like them anyway. He opted out of the parade. He hit one row of apartments trick or treating before he agreed to change his costume and became a medieval knight. We really wanted him to be a pirate with Danny but he refused. They trick or treated the whole night without shoes. Zeke's costume was basically like wearing nothing and so he got a little cold. One of the highlights was a box maze made by our BFF's Arnold and Abril. The kids played in it for hours.

The parade was pretty cute. Gio really wanted to walk with Stuti and hold her hand, but she held hands with a row of 5 princesses instead. Poor Gio. Gio won the costume contest last year for scariest costume as a pirate and went up this year in the cutest costume division, but Stuti won. He was pretty sad and told me, "I really wanted to win."

November 05, 2009

2 Months





10 lbs. 10 oz. 50th percentile
22 1/2 in. 50th percentile

And she got shots (hence the bandaids on the thighs).

Danny gave Lilikoi a really nice blessing on Sunday. I am so grateful for the gospel.
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October 19, 2009




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October 14, 2009





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October 13, 2009

October 07, 2009

September 05, 2009

August 30, 2009

More Baby Girl DeMartini

The big brothers and Nana came to visit their baby this morning. They were so sweet. Gio kept saying how cute she was and Zeke kept saying, "My baby. My baby." They loved holding her. Zeke was very concerned about baby being able to see the cartoons while he was holding her. We are sooooo glad that Nana is here. I think Lilikoi was waiting for her Nana to get here to take care of her big brothers before she came out. Nana looks so pretty in all of the pictures Danny took. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier that baby has a lot of long, dark, crazy hair.