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Gio and Stuti

Seen and Heard

Seen: Gio and Stuti sitting on Gio's dresser and Gio putting a baseball hat on.

Heard: "Oh Gio, you're so cute, so sweet, so delicious."

Stuti is our 4 year old neighbor who told me, "I'm Indian. You guys are not Indians. Well, my mom is Indian. My body is Indian but I'm American." She and Gio are inseprable playmates. They play practically perfectly which is amazing and we all love it. Stuti and her family went to India to visit family for two months. What are we going to do????

Adam A. Palmer Photography- Free Giveaway

Adam's photos have so much feeling. You can really tell he loves his subject matter. I love the way his photos always take me back to a time and a place and a memory. They are so rich in color. The blues and greens of the ocean and the greens and yellows of the flora make me miss Hawaii all the time. Adam does fine art, weddings, and family portraits. If you need some fine art for your walls or are getting married in Hawaii or just going there on vacation and want to do a family portrait definitely give him a call.

The first picture is an engagement picture he took for Danny and I and the rest are obviously wedding photos. Here is a link to his website He is doing a giveaway right now. The first 20 bloggers to write a post linking to his website on their blog will get a free 11x14 art print. Check it out!

11 weeks 4 days

So, for those of you who don't know... I'm pregnant! I am so excited. I have been really nervous since I just had a miscarriage in October, but I got pregnant again on accident for the fourth time in a row and this time I'm really excited. I had an internal ultrasound yesterday. The baby wiggled, rolled over and waved to me and Danny. It was really cute and I couldn't stop laughing because I was so happy. This is one of the pictures before "it" rolled over. Danny was so supportive and came with me to my appointment. They made him wait outside while they asked all of the domestic violence questions, but then they let him come on back. One of the reasons I'm so ecxited is that our baby will be a Palmer quadruplet. I am due on August 24th, Sienna is due August 25th, Amy is due September 2nd, and Da is due September 11th!!!!!!

Our new toilet

I was totally envying Ashley's creativity and proactiveness. And she shared it with me. Granted it took me like a week to cut it out and stick it on. Oh and I haven't even said thank you yet. How lame! Anyway, Thanks Ashley! You are so awesome! I wish I was as nice as you. Gio and Zeke loved the picture that Velzy and Ivy drew for them. Funny enough Gio does say "pretty" but I think he says "cute" more. I'm glad you guys are in California so we can maybe see each other soon.

The Boys

Two weeks ago when I was teaching preschool I showed a picture of President Obama and asked all of the kids if they knew who it was. None of them would answer so I asked Zeke. I showed him the picture and said, "Do you know who this is?" Very confidently he replied, "Dad."