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Random news

In the first picture Danny was sitting on the back porch watching the kids play in the backyard when Gio started running for the bathroom as fast as he could. In other news, Zeke got his first buzz. I think that he and Gio look more alike now because everyone keeps asking if they are twins. Gio is short and Zeke is tall, but come on. Someone even asked if Zeke was older. He can outeat Gio three to one, but whatever. He doesn't even care about being 100% accurate when naming animals. Gio was doing that years ago. A couple nights ago Gio even prayed that we would please sign up for Netflix.

Kidz World--Gio

Since we have church at 1:00pm now we have been doing Sunday morning family excursions. Last Sunday we went to a big wooden park downtown called Kidz World. It was a little too fun. Gio couldn't find a way up somewhere he wanted to go, so he scaled the fence and climbed over (10ft off the ground). When it was time to go he ran away and it was really hard to catch him because the playground is like a maze with secret passage ways everywhere and we are too big to fit or go fast. Needless to say he's been begging to go back to "great wooden park" ever since.

Kidz World--Zeke

Zeke loved the park too. His nickname is "crazy-man" because he is completely crazy and fearless about climbing. He watches Gio and tries to copy everything he does. He climbs up things that babies are not supposed to be able to do and he is always so happy when he masters some new scary trick. (Pictures courtesy of Danny.)

Easter Practice

The other night at bedtime Gio wanted me to tell him about when he and Doyle were little and didn't know how to hunt for Easter eggs yet. I told him that we should probably practice with Zeke this year and try and teach him how. So that is what Gio wanted to do today. However, Zeke had no interest and then had to take a nap. So, here are some pictures of Gio looking for the eggs in the living room for the 4th time (I keep hiding them in the same places and he is just as excited every time he finds one). They are filled with either 1 fruit snack, 1 chocolate chip, 1 crunchy corn bran, or 1 raisin. His little hands and expressions are so much like Danny. He is so into everything he does.