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The Day Before Easter

This year we did five Easter egg hunts. We did two the week before. One where Gio and Zeke got really cool bunny ears and tails (which they still wear) and the other put on by family housing. Then on the Saturday before we had one with a group of neighbors and another at a neighborhood park (which was an insane race with parents pushing and going wild). Lastly on Easter we had one in the backyard with us and the Halls. Grandad hid 90 eggs for us all to find. A lot were hidden under leaves and they were really hard to find. The kids had a lot of fun hunting around the backyard. Grandad, Al, and Ellie were all here to have an Easter brunch with us that morning which was really special. This morning Gio found the Easter eggs and went to the swap shop to find little treasure and have ANOTHER egg hunt. He loves it.

Ellie Came!!!!

Ellie came and visited us for her spring break. It was really nice to have her around. Gio talked about it for months before she came and keeps asking when she's going to come back. Zeke loves Ellie so much too. The whole time she was here he was jumping on her and trying to get her attention. I didn't get my camera out much while she was here-- I don't know why, but here is some photographic evidence that she was here. These pictures were taken on our "hike" (10 minute trail walk) to Nojoqui Falls. Thanks for coming and having a fun week with us Ellie.

Mailing Address Request


Don't you wish you were Zeke? The philosophy he lives by is "Always eat twice as much as your competition." For example, if Gio eats one yogurt then Zeke eats two. This guys middle name should be Kobayashi. And where does it all go? His hollow leg? Yet another reason to envy Zeke.

This is a lego castle that Gio commissioned his team of lackeys to build (me, Danny, Arnold, Abril, Joslin, Ellie, and Zeke). As the minutes and then hours passed it became more and more elaborate. For example, by the end there were over a dozen battles in progress, there was a fire blowing dragon atop a tower, guarded barrels full of weapons "non-swords" as they are called around here, a homeless pirate with a boat full of his collections, a tight rope walker balancing barbels fighting a spaceman with a light saber, people hanging by whips, and the list goes on.

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We are having a.........

The ultrasound went really well. The baby is 10 inches and 10 oz. Gio has always made it very clear that he wanted a baby sister because we don't need a boy. He already has a little brother. I tried to prepare him for the fact that it might be/probably was a boy, but he never gave up hope. I told him yesterday that we were going to the doctor to find out if we were having a boy or a girl, so the whole time during the ultrasound he kept asking over and over, "Is it a boy? Is it a boy?" He told me afterwards that he had to say it that way because the word "girl" is really hard for him to say. So if he doesn't sound excited on the video it's because he didn't want me to take a video of him because he was trying to play Legos.

Danny's Knee

So, it's been a week and three days since Danny had his meniscectomy and this is how his knee looks. I'm sorry to say that we didn't take a single picture the entire week before this. He is doing well, walking around and gardening a lot. He stayed home for a week and did work on the laptop but he is going to school this morning.