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Lizard Obsession

The boys are obsessed with lizards. Every single day we have to go to the garden and catch "blue bellies." Zeke is not afraid of them even though they bite him sometimes. We usually catch them with a homemade noose made of fishing line, but once in a while we catch them with our hands. I used to never be able to go to the garden because Gio didn't want to. Now he won't stop begging to go.

Thanks Uncle Dougie!

I didn't take very many pictures while in Nevada City. Lazy I guess. Thanks Doug for taking lots of cute ones and Becky for sending them to me. We miss you guys!


Did I forget to mention that Aunt Julia made Gio a batman costume for his birthday?!? When Gio opened it he was giddy with excitement. He started hyperventilating trying to get his arms in the sleeves. He loves it. Immediately after putting it on he asked me, "Have I been wearing this for weeks and weeks?" Something he heard me say about him and his bunny ears and tail, I guess. Then he told me, "I want to wear this for months." He was so excited to show his friends when we got back to Santa Barbara. He wants to wear it always, but it gets filthy pretty quick. Jules had to make an impromptu cape and belt for a very jealous Zeke.

Life is Good

It has been a while since I've blogged. Life is good around here. We have been busy having a lot of fun. April and Emily came down to our house on May 1st and then we (me, Danny, Gio, Zeke, Joslin, Emily, April, Brittany, Morgan, and Molly) went camping at Montana de Oro in San Luis on Saturday. On Sunday Danny went home and Jos, Em, Ape, me and the boys drove up to Nevada City in the Denali (Nana's big marshmallow). It was a nice and easy drive with the DVD player and all the space. We had a fun first few days. Gio had a good birthday on Tuesday. We had spaghetti and meatballs and decorated cupcakes and opened presents. On Wednesday we watched Natalie dive in a meet. Then on Friday the crazy fun began. On Friday morning Emily went through the temple. That night she had a BBQ/pool party with yummy chicken made by Danny. Then on Saturday morning Brittany got baptized. All of the girls sang "Baptism" and Danny baptized her. Then there was a lunch at her house. Zeke'…