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More Baby Girl DeMartini

The big brothers and Nana came to visit their baby this morning. They were so sweet. Gio kept saying how cute she was and Zeke kept saying, "My baby. My baby." They loved holding her. Zeke was very concerned about baby being able to see the cartoons while he was holding her. We are sooooo glad that Nana is here. I think Lilikoi was waiting for her Nana to get here to take care of her big brothers before she came out. Nana looks so pretty in all of the pictures Danny took. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier that baby has a lot of long, dark, crazy hair.

Baby Squat is here!!!!

She came last night (on Kaity's birthday!) at 11:40 pm. She weighed 3058 grams; that's 6 lbs. 12 oz. for you Americans. She is 50.8 cm.
Kaity did outstanding.

Nevada City Summer

We love sleeping outside in Nevada City in the summer. It is so nice to sleep under the stars. The only problem is that it means the boys won't go to sleep until it is dark outside which is like 9:30 0r 10:00. They also just love to play on the beds. Danny got a whole bunch of good action shots of Zekey jumping like a crazy ninja out on the beds. He loved to do some capoeria moves that I decided he was probably copying from the movie Tarzan.

Belly Update: 39 Weeks

I can't wait to have this baby. I am really excited and slightly anxious for it to happen. I am really not feeling very patient right now. Bring on the pain. Haha. Just kidding. Bring on the painless labor and delivery.


This is Zekey shirtless at Disneyland. Apparently, it's against the rules but he's cute enough he got away with it most of the day.