January 14, 2009

January 11, 2009

Gio and Zeke Love Nana




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We loved being in Nevada City for Christmas. We did so many fun things. I'm not sure what Nana is reading to Gio and Zeke in these pictures, but Gio says it is "Elf on the Shelf." The book came with a little elf that hides in a different secret spot every day to watch the children to make sure they are good. You get to name your elf. Gio named his "Loafie". Come to think of it he names all of his toys weird names. He named one of his stuffed animals "Uvabell" (Of a Bell). He named his new dog "Eyes." He named his Maleficent doll "Apalefacen." The funny thing is he is actually trying to be funny.

January 08, 2009