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Family Pictures

We procrastinated taking our family pictures until right before we were leaving to the airport. Zeke's expression in the tree says it all. Not a good idea, but we made it through and got a few good ones I thought. Our second mistake was trying to take pictures up on the tower. Yes, the same tower that Zeke had fallen off of the day before. You know, when he tried to climb up the back of the chair while 10 feet off the ground (a bad idea on solid ground) and flipped over bouncing off the bushes before landing. He was spared any physical harm by the tender mercies of the Lord, but needless to say that the next day when we dragged him up the wobbly ladder to the top he would not unbury his face from my lap. No matter how many times I told him we wouldn't let him fall off again. Hence the picture of our feet. What would a family photo session be without a lot of defiance, bribery, and a few tears, right?


We had so much fun being in Hawaii for 2 weeks. I didn't want to leave. I kept saying things to Danny like, "Life is so fragile, you never know how much longer you're going to live. So you should be where you want right now, right?" In other words, we should never leave Hawaii again, right? It's definitely Hawaii, but more it is being with your family. I loved being with my mom, and Adam and Mikey and Minami, Yesenia and Mariah and the Springs, Jake and Mighty, and Robing, Doug and Becky and Al and Timmy and Enos. I love my families. They make me so happy.


The last time I posted was right before we went to Hawaii for Thanksgivng. These are some of the pictures Adam took while we were there. One of Lilikoi's many new nicknames is Little Red, because she has some awesome red hair.