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Zeke loves Lilikoi

Zeke hugging Lilikoi from Kaitlin DeMartini on Vimeo.

Zeke absolutely loves Lilikoi. Whenever I am holding or nursing Lilikoi he is right there with us holding her hand. He is always telling her how cute she is and saying, "She loves me." He calls her Willamina a lot which she loves. He loves to hug her. He sometimes squishes her a little but she doesn't always mind. He lets her grab his face and scratch him a little and he just laughs about it. He claimed one of her pink blankets as his own so that he could be like her. This morning he said, "What does blond mean?" And then he said, "My hair is red." (Like Lilikoi's I guess.) Zeke likes to feed Lilikoi her rice cereal and is always running to get her toys or laying next to her on her play mat. Although he does tell me every once in a while to put her down and hold him, I don't think she could ask for a better, more attentive and adoring big brother. Sidenote: Zeke never leaves the house withou…

I Am a Builder

For the primary program Gio practiced and practiced until he learned all of the words to the song "I Am a Builder." He was so proud of himself. When they finished singing it he turned to Danny who was sitting in the front row and said, "I sang the whole song." He may or may not have been a little lost the rest of the time, but that is beside the point. Gio is really trying to be a good example. After a recent dinner discussion/lecture that started with Gio saying that it was okay if he ate and talked during the prayer because Zeke was doing it he ended up saying, "I want to be a good example for my little brother and sister." He is a good example to me too. On more than one occasion he has said to me, "Mom that is not speaking with kindness." Oops. Here are some things that Gio has built lately with his Legos and Magformers. He has a talent for building. We find ourselves constantly saying, "There is no way I could have come up with that.&q…