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Dancer and the Octopus

One night while we were dating Danny and I went spear fishing at night in Laie Bay. I caught a fish and thought I gave the bag to Danny to hold. When we got home neither of us had the bag. He said he didn't want to drag around a bloody fish at night so he gave it back to me. I guess it's kind of hard to communicate under water in the dark.

Picking Mandarins

Danny has been getting some really good pictures lately. A few Sundays ago we took a little walk and picked some mandarins. Gio climbed to the top of the tree to get the biggest and hardest to reach oranges. He loves to climb and swing and be a monkey.

Seen and Heard

Heard: Gio and Stuti: "Can we do arts?"
Seen: A variation of this picture every single day for the last two months. Gio and Stuti get out all of the paper, pens, and stickers and color for 30 minutes to an hour at a time. Stuti really is Gio's mentor in the coloring department and as a result he is getting really good at dotting his "i's" with hearts, drawing curly letters, drawing hearts, rainbows, and flowers, and making birthday crowns. He does still do his own thing and draw rocket ships and space ships sometimes, but mostly when she's at school.


...three kids in a tub. The lighting in these pictures is kinda weird, but I like them anyway. Lilikoi loves taking baths. They all do actually. They don't like washing themselves with soap, but they like being in the water. Lilikoi likes to splash and her brothers never fail to make her crack up. For some reason they get really silly in the tub and act crazy.

Christmas Sledding

Gio and Zeke Sledding from Kaitlin DeMartini on Vimeo.
Danny and Dougie took Gio and Zeke sledding this Christmas. Once they finally convinced Zeke to put some warm clothes on they had a lot of fun. Here is one of their runs.

Danny loves squid!

In case anyone was wondering what Danny does or how his research is going here is a little update. He made this poster to present his research for a couple of different events. At the last minute he decided to enter it into a contest and he won $250! The colorful pictures are the squid skin changing colors.
Also, in case anyone was wondering I do love my husband even though I never post about him. Danny is a really hard worker and takes really good care of his family. The kids all love him. The other night at bed time he played human dump truck with the kids for like 15 minutes straight. The kids would climb up on his back and he would dump them off. They were hysterical with delight.


Also, I make her dress up a lot.

Lilikoi is 6 months

I can't believe how fast Lilikoi is growing up. All of a sudden she went from a baby to someone who could sit up, scoot, and eat food. She loves her brothers and their friends, taking naps in the baby carrier, taking baths, and all of the fruits and vegetables she has tried. She hates getting dressed and riding in her car seat. She is a voracious eater. If you stop feeding her for one second to feed yourself or do anything else she gets really mad. She practically attacks the spoon on every bite. She babbles a lot and says mama and dada sometimes. She loves to bounce in her bouncer and laughs a lot while bouncing. I really love having a baby girl. It is so fun.