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Lilikoi is mini, but she thinks she's big. The other day she crawled over to the door to look at the kids outside and banged her hand on the door and yelled until someone came.

Today Gio and Zeke put together the model wooden boats they got for their birthdays.
"Who gave you these?" I asked Gio. He didn't know.
"I don't know either," I said, "because you guys opened your presents without anyone watching or knowing."
"That's what pirates do," he said.
"What?" I asked.
"They sneak up and open their presents without their mom's knowing. That's why I did that."
Whoever they are from. Thank you. They were really fun.

Lucky Lili

Everybody needs an uncle who loves them as much Uncle Dougie loves our kids. We are lucky. (Lilikoi looking up at Doug with her feet in the Yuba on a Sunday afternoon.)

The Pirate Party

Do you like the invitation Danny made on illustrator? It turned out awesome I thought.

Gio is 5!!!, and Zeke has no idea how old he is. Gio decided that he wanted a pirate party in the backyard. Luckily we all already had pirate costumes and plenty of swords. However, Zeke opted for his Peter Pan costume. The kids ate (Gio's menu) and played with swords. Then we did a little pirate necklace craft. Next we got out the treasure map, made by dad. The treasure map led the kids out the backyard gate to the playground, up the slide, across the monkey bars, through the garden and between the loquat trees where the chest was actually buried underground. Sienna ordered a real treasure chest online that arrived at our door to be filled with treasure and buried in the nick of time. Danny was a really fun pirate. Gio and his friends got a huge kick out of stealing the treasure map out of Danny's pouch and Danny, aka Captain Red Beard, having to get it back. My friend Jacquie made an awesom…