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We love Summer!!!

Zeke loves wearing his "swimming hat" and goggles. He likes the costumes with minimal clothing. He loves to swim and thinks he knows how even though he totally doesn't.

Lilikoi can wave hi and mimic a few words. She says "mama" and "dada" in context and gets sad when Danny leaves for work. She cut her first tooth (bottom right) but you still can't really see it.

Gio got his first crush. The other night he said to me, "Do you remember Marielle? She always wears really pretty dresses to church."

Preschool Graduation

As Gio sat on the wall next to his bestie Seth with all of the other graduates Teacher Caroline yelled to Teacher Lea, "Is Gio graduating???" Come on, just because he can still fit into some size 18 months clothes, Don't Hate. He's 5 I promise. Gio looked good in his tie (a great grandpa Austin hand me down) and didn't let it hinder him from getting good and dirty on the playground. Also, Gio has Doug disease and makes a face every time he sees the camera.