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Gio never wants to go anywhere. Ever. Every time I say it's time to go he yells, whines, wails (over and over and over), "NO!! I want to stay home," or some variation on that theme. I never know whether he's just trying to assert himself and test his power, or if he actually doesn't want to go. Whenever we do make him go places, he is always happy when he gets there and has a lot of fun. It's just getting him out the door that is the trick. So, the other day I wanted to go to Costco on the way home. In order to put off the inevitable tantrum a few more minutes, I didn't tell Gio we were going, I just started driving there. As soon as he realized I wasn't driving home, the yelling began. "Where are we going? I DON'T WANT TO GO ANYWHERE!!! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!" Instead of just getting mad at him, I decided to take a different approach. I said, "You always say you don't want to go anywhere. I can't take you seriously anymore.&q…

Lilikoi's Birthday

Lilikoi turned 1 on August 29th (and I turned 29). We had BBQ hamburgers and a cake. Everyone was completely exhausted and recovering from Julia and Bryan's wedding the night before so it was pretty low key. Here is Lily with her cake. She didn't really dig into it until I got her a piece and put it on a plate. She's so polite. After getting messy from her cake she got to take a sink bath which she loved.

Seen and Heard

The first day of school. Gio did really good. It was pretty hard on Zeke though. He wanted to stay so bad. Then when he realized he couldn't stay, he cried for Gio to come home with us. We love Gio's school, teacher, and classmates. Oh and Lilikoi didn't get the memo that pajama day was canceled. How embarrassing (and she was in her boy pjs).

The fish pictures are from Bullard's Bar this summer. I just love how Gio and Danny look like little twins in the picture. They seem to have a lot in common.

The last picture is Gio and Zeke in their tie dyes from Grammy Pammy. Thanks mom! I wish I could take credit for all of the cool tie dyes that my kids wear that you made.

Me: One of the reasons we're getting rid of the salamanders is because Zeke doesn't know how to treat them nicely.
On cue... Zeke: "Here Gio," and he throws the salamander at Gio.

Seen and Heard: Lilikoi's language is really blossoming lately. She says mama, dada, hi, bye, that, and apple…

Zeke the wild child

Zeke is a wild child. There is a whole series of pictures of Gio and Zeke in this meadow with the snowy mountains in the background and crazy wild hair, but in all but the first few Zeke has no pants on. On one hand, Zeke is as easy going and mellow as they come, but he has a CRAZY streak in him that cannot be stopped. For example, the Halls came to visit last Friday and Zeke was soooo excited to see Sethie that he could not stop jumping on him. At all. The whole time. He was like a little excited puppy. Another case in point, he can't get enough of throwing pillows at Lilikoi. Also, at bedtime, he gets this crazy second wind and jumps on the bed for 15 minutes straight while making jokes. He's really good at making us laugh.

I love this girl!

I think that I should get a prize for being the worst blogger. I guess my only excuse is that I am kind of overwhelmed with having 3 little kids. Rest assured though we haven't stopped taking pictures and I do write in my journal once in a while, so all is not lost to memory alone. The kids are all doing well. Gio is loving kindergarten and now plays soccer. He came home from school yesterday telling me that "there is a beading class at school that I joined". After quite a bit of interrogation I am still not quite clear about what he is talking about so I am going to ask his teacher (only because the story included paying some older kids money which he got from Fernando...hmmm). Zeke and I are having fun together during the day while Gio is away. He is still an attentive and adoring big brother to Lili except that he sometimes treats her like she is his age (ie. tries to have pillow fights with her etc.). He assures me that she likes it as long as she is not crying. Ofte…