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Cranky Old Lady

The other day at Costco Gio was walking backwards and almost walked into some lady's cart. She was watching him and giving me major stink eye. After she passed I told Gio to get in the cart because he wasn't watching where he was walking and he might get yelled at by a cranky old lady. Apparently that string of words is very melodic and fun to repeat. So for the rest of the trip Gio and Zeke were sing yelling "cranky old lady" over and over in Lilikoi's face and trying to get her to bite their noses. Which ended up being kind of a chocolaty mess because she was eating a chocolate cookie sample. They were all laughing hysterically and smashing all of the food in the cart, of course. I wish I had a picture of their messy faces, but here are some other random pictures taken lately.

Julia and Bryan's Wedding

Julia and Bryan's wedding was so fun. Julia was the best bride of the summer. She sewed her own dress, for which she made the pattern and chose and found the fabric. She also designed and sewed 8 silk bridesmaids dresses. She made soap to hand out as favors. She knew what she wanted for every detail of the decorations and food and flowers and made it happen. April, Justine, and Kristin were amazing florists. April was the best Maid of Honor, fulfilling her bridesmaids duties with vim and vigor. Everything turned out beautiful and the party was really fun. Here are a few of the 800 pictures Danny took. Oh yes. . .Gio and Dotty shared a romantic moment when Gio graciously shared his bouquet (which Ape graciously made special for him...sooo nice...makes me cry).

Alan and Britta's Wedding

Al big Al and Britta got married in San Diego on October 23rd. The wedding was beautiful. Britta was a beautiful bride and they both seemed really happy. It was really fun to be all together with the family. Dave rented a house on the beach and we all stayed together. He rented cruisers and we got to ride bikes on the bike path on the beach. It was so fun to be with baby Tucker because he's growing so fast and we don't get to see him all the time. Lily liked to point to him and poke his eyes and she learned how to say baby which sounds like "buh-buh". Zeke, in true form thought of a fun game to play with Tucker which was whipping him with a blanket and then covering his face with a blanket and ripping it off to say boo. One of the highlights of the trip for me was going for a jog on the beach in the morning and then surfing with Doug, Danny and Al. Gio was the ring bearer for the ring ceremony. He took his job very seriously and was very patient during all of the tal…

Go Gauchos

Gio and Zeke got their faces painted for a soccer game. It was a lot of fun. Gio LOVED it when they scored and everyone threw tortillas. He went around collecting tortillas and throwing them.

Danny used the cop's handcuffs and finally caught a fairy to prove they're real.

Lily marching in the parade with her baggy tights.

Lilikoi looking fetching in the arms of her father.

Their Halloween shirts from last year still fit!

Brothers are crazy. Alone these guys are pretty mellow. Put them together and this is what you get.

Cute tie dye dress from Grammy Pammy.

Lilikoi Trick or Treating and Boo (or Bo)

Our long Halloween weekend

Friday we went trick or treating at Calle Real shopping center, got to ride ponies (including Lily who is a big kid now, which is making me really want a BABY) and jump in the bounce house (I wouldn't let her go in the bounce house, but I know she thought she could handle it). Zeke was Peter Pan, Gio was a Policeman, and Lily wore her Halloween shirt that says, "Daddy's under my spell" (truer words were never spoken). There was a real policeman there handing out stickers and he complemented Gio on the authenticity of his uniform. On Saturday housing hosted a Halloween party with lots of fun crafts and a parade. For the parade Lily was a pink fairy, I was a green fairy, Gio stuck with the cop, Zeke was a leopard (handmade by Nana from a warm and cozy bathrobe, very ingenious and very comfortable for Mr. sensory issues with clothing). That afternoon we carved our pumpkins. That night the kids loaded up on candy at the stake trunk or treat where we were a whole family o…