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Classic Gio

This actually happened a few times with Gio. He was our sleep fighter. He never wanted to sleep because he didn't want to miss out on ANYTHING.

Wild Thing



Thanks for the nice comments everyone!! I only "waited" this long to blog it because I'm lazy and didn't have any pictures. Still don't. Originally I was waiting until I went to the doctor. I didn't make it to the doctor until 20 weeks at which time I found out it was a girl!! We are so excited for Lilikoi to have a sister. Also my sister Sienna was born on February 3rd and my mom Pamela was born on February 4th. In case you were wondering.

For lack of a better picture

By the way, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and it's a girl!! She's due on February 2nd which means we may have to name her Sienna Pamela.

Happy Halloween

Yesterday we went to the Housing Halloween party and Stake Trunk or Treat. So, Halloween hasn't even come and our children have already begun having candy induced meltdowns. We are a family of Ninjas inspired by Lego Ninjago. Danny is missing his beard in this picture because it smelled like super glue and was making him high, but he looks legit. People at the Halloween party didn't recognize him. It was weird but all of the kids knew that he was the Sensei from Ninjago. I think I am going to amend my costume to become "Lord Garmadon" so that I fit the theme better. Danny made awesome nunchucks, throwing stars and swords for accessories.

We went to the Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch for Family Home Evening last Monday. The kids had a lot of fun. The corn maze was really hard and we kept hitting dead ends. It started getting dark while we were in there and the kids were getting kinda spooked. Danny hid and scared them and they all screamed really loud. It was classic. Gio wa…

I wish we were swimming in Nevada City right now!!!

My Zekey Boy

Zeke is such a sweet, kind, and loving person. He is so fun to be with and so agreeable. He is always game to do anything. He will do anything I want or need to do. He really makes my life easier. He is such a good big brother to Lilikoi, always giving her a lot of attention. When I am putting her in her crib for nap time or bedtime, he always makes sure she has the special toys and stuffed animals she wants. He even lets her sleep with his special stuffed animals. He loves playing with Gio and all of the neighborhood kids. He has lots of special friends. He can play with anyone and get along really well. He loves playing with Bayblades with Rio and Amir. He loves riding bikes and scooters with Julian and Mahmoud. He loves playing all sorts of games with Maranda and Lilikoi. He goes to preschool now and he loves it. He is a good listener and is learning a lot. Lily calls the boys "my boys" and she calls Zeke "my Zekey boy." Zeke and Lily love giving each other big …

Lily grew

Lilikoi grew...but not out of her clothes. Here she is last Halloween and this Halloween wearing the same 12-18 months clothes. She has longer hair and longer legs, but she is as good-natured as ever.

Random videos

Here are some videos I uploaded to Vimeo a while ago, but never posted.

Lilikoi lately

Lilikoi is such a girl. She is a little mom. She walks around either singing or talking constantly. She is a parrot. She'll ask you a question like, "What you doing?" and then you'll answer, "cleaning up." Then she'll say, "Cleaning up? You cleaning up. Help you. You cleaning up the dollies?" She really just talks non stop. Danny and I are always just looking at each other and laughing whenever she talks. She takes care of her babies all day long. She is either covering them up with washcloth blankets and telling us to "shhh, my baby's sleeping" or she is bouncing, rocking and singing them to sleep. She loves to cook. She is always making pies and muffins in her little kitchen outside. She has her wild side too. When the boys are playing she just joins right in and wrestles and jumps and screams with them. She got these "True Religion" jeans from Liz. She's so stylish. She is standing behind me right now saying, &qu…

We're still alive

Zeke giving Lily a ride on a cool bike at preschool. It took a little convincing, but he finally got her on the bike. He really wanted to give her a ride, no one else, just her.

Zeke's awesome soccer kick.

Go Lightning Strikes Back!!

I had this hundred dollar bill sitting on the desk because I had sold a bike earlier in the day. When Gio got home and saw it he grabbed it and started going crazy. He wanted it soooo bad. It was like the ring of power and it was possessing him. When I took it back he screamed and cried. He only got a few dollars in coins from the tooth fairy. :)

Something new

Danny got some new glasses. He was complaining about his eyes a lot so he really likes them. He says it feels like his eyes are dancing on pillows. (Oh yeah, and a haircut. Gio and Zeke also got the same haircut.)

And, Lilikoi is using the big potty. She is really good with poop, not as good with pee. She doesn't realize when she needs to pee, but she loves to poop in the potty.

Zekey jumped!!

Zeke jumped of Nana and Grandad's deck by himself for the first time. (Thanks Al for the picture.)

Zeke and Gio are up in Nevada City all week with Nana and Grandada and all their aunts and uncle. I think they are in heaven. We've been calling periodically to see how they are doing. Gio agreed to talk to me the other day only to ask, "When you come up here do we have to go home?" He does NOT want to come home. They have been swimming all day. On Saturday they swam, played badminton and bocce, and soccer all in one day. Then they finished the day watching a movie out on the deck before bed. They are so lucky!! Lilikoi is really jealous and keeps saying, "Go Nana's. Zekey boy." (She loves Gio too, his name is just a lot harder for her to say.) We are getting a lot done around here and the house is staying really clean. It is strangely quiet though. You can do ANYTHING with one kid. It is amazing. When you have one kid you don't realize how easy it is b…

Fishing at Fuller Lake

While we were in Nevada City Danny took the boys fishing a few times. The first time we went to lower Scotts Flat with Pammy and Jos and took the canoe and kayak. Only Joslin caught a fish. So we had to go again. The second time we went to Fuller Lake. We went with Nana, Grandad, Jos, Ape, Nat, Ellie and all of us. They took the canoe and kayak out again with no luck. Then they fished from the shore and both Gio and Zeke caught a fish.

Medival Children's Festival

While we were in Nevada City we went to the Medieval Children's Festival at Pioneer Park. There was a real fire breathing dragon, lots of fairies, a real troll guarding the bridge, a knight in armor, and tons of crafts. The kids LOVED it.

The last month in review

We have had a fun Summer so far with more fun to come. Danny's dad and sisters came to Santa Barbara for Danny's birthday on June 21st. Then on June 23rd (the day before our 8th wedding anniversary) Danny left on his research cruise to Mexico for three weeks. The kids and I drove up to Santa Cruz for a few days. We met up with Pammy there, helped Chris and Da move a little. Did tons of cool stuff including the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the boardwalk. Then we took Enzo with us to Shelley and Steve's where we ate lots of good food and got to see the Springs. I loved it when Truman put the boys to bed by telling them stories. Then to Sacramento where Chris, Da, Maria, and Gabriel met up with us. Then we drove to Utah for the 2nd Annual Palmer Family Reunion. We bombarded Sienna's house for the first few days and then we headed up to Midway. We did lots of fun stuff every single day. Some of the highlights were the 4th of July parade, Seven peaks, hiking to Stewart falls, …

Happy June

I have tried multiple times to upload Big Sur pictures, but to no avail. So here are some random pictures that would upload. We have lots and lots more pictures.

Zeke at little shredders skate skool.

Gio putting tobiko on the inside out California roll he made.

Lily put Zeke's shorts on over her pants all by herself and also his biking glove. All while taking very good care of her baby.

Lily and I relaxing in bed at midnight after jumping on the bed and having a pillow fight. Danny and I had gone out on a date and forgot to tell the babysitter to ignore her if she cried. So when we got home she was awake and being really cute. So we had a little late night fun before we put her back to bed.

Gio and Lily in matching pjs and tie dye.