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Fungi of the Forests

Yesterday was a good Saturday. We woke up early and went on a field trip with Danny's Fungi of the Forests class. Mushroom hunting, that is. Then we went to East beach where the kids played on the beach and playground and Danny played Ultimate. Then a little shopping and some Yogurtland. The only sad part is we forgot the camera. No worries we have already been mushroom hunting again. Danny said to me, "You know how you are always sad because we never go hiking? Just don't call it hiking, call it mushroom hunting and I'll want to go all the time."

Here is Gio hold some mushrooms Danny identified as "poison pies."

Lily brought her purse and a mushroom collecting basket.

The mystery of the missing dad

The other night I was neglecting the kids and trying to watch "Eat, Pray, Love" which I had gotten at Redbox 3 days before. Well, technically I was just neglecting the boys because I had paused the movie long enough to put Lily in her crib and she was crying. Hopefully, crying herself to sleep. PAUSE movie, again, as Gio comes running into my room and out of breath yells, "Where is Daddy?"
"What do you mean? He's sitting at the computer," I said to Gio.
"He's not there. He's gone."
"Is he in the bathroom?" I ask. Our house is not very big. If someone is there you can hear them. Gio runs to check.
"He's not in the bathroom."
"Have you looked everywhere," I ask again. He has. We walk outside and say his name. Maybe he took a phone call outside. Nothing. Mysterious. We are confused. I look at the clock and decide that if I take a break to put the boys to bed I might actually be able to finish the movie. W…

Pig Tails

This is just to say that Lily's hair is long enough for pig tails now. So fun. PS- Don't worry I fixed Zeke's haircut.

Merry Christmas PJs

Nana made our whole family matching pajamas. They are so soft and cozy. We love them. Now I want to see pictures of the rest of the pjs she made. Hint, hint. Doug and Becky, Al and Britta, Julia and Bryan, and all the single ladies.

Days 1-21

I guess Danny's number 1 priority was to surf. He surfed every single day except Sunday of course. We got to surf together a lot too. Thank you to all of our babysitters. We love you!! These pictures are out at Gutters, taken by Doug. Also, apparently Danny and Jordon got Baggers that was barreling like Indo.

Hawaii- Adventure # 2, Sailing

Doug always goes out of his way to make sure that the kids have fun. He really wanted to take the boys sailing and made it happen. THANKS CAPTAIN DOUG!

Hawaii- Adventure # 1, Kahana Bay

We took kayaks and surfboards to Kahana Bay. We played in the water, pushed the kids on waves, kayaked around the bay, and then kayaked up the river to the tire swing. The kids loved every minute of it. They were so happy to be in the water and in the boats. I paddled with Lily on the surfboard and she kinda liked it.