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More Hawaii Pictures

Truman and Gio. Truman, Mikey, and Minami were the best big cousins you could ask for. The boys had a lot of fun this day playing in the surf at Gas Chambers.

Jordon jumping point. It was so fun to hang out with Jordon on our trip.

Gio playing Infinity Blade on the iPhone while the rest of us enjoyed nature and jumped point.

The elusive Hawaiian Bobtail squid that we had to drive downtown 3 different nights to hunt for. In the words of Jordon it was 0% fun. Thanks Enos, Jordon, and Tony for getting me out of it 2 of the 3 times. And good job Tony for finally finding some.

Yes, Lilikoi is doll sized and those are mosquito bites all over her face not chicken pox.

The Zoo

We have been so lucky with the visitors. Nana and Grandad and Julia and Bryan came to visit a few weekends ago. Britta and Al came to visit the weekend before that, but I didn't get a single picture.:( We went to the zoo. It was fun. We stayed a lot longer than we usually do, so we saw a lot more. Like the Channel Islands fox being super cute and the dozen otter babies play fighting. The boys were wiped out and fell asleep on the way home and wouldn't wake up to eat at The Natural Cafe. So, they slept in the car while we had a peaceful dinner (and dessert).