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Don't you wish...

your mullet was cute like mine? Don't cha?

Play Hard, Sleep Hard

There are a few things these boys do really well. Play hard, work hard, and sleep hard. They have perfected the art of sleeping anywhere, anytime. They spent all day shoveling snow to make the perfect sledding run. I don't think they came inside all day. They were still going out there when it got dark. Inevitably they don't make it very long once they actually sit down for more than a minute. I think they get it from their mom. Heehee. Nana is the ultimate hard worker, hard player and never makes it for more than a minute once she sits down. She sometimes doesn't even make it in from the car without needing to rest her eyes.

Faculty Club

After we picked Gio up from school we were HOT, so we went swimming at the Faculty Club. We haven't been for a LONG, LONG time. I think the last time we went was in the beginning of October. I was worried that the boys might have forgotten how to swim. The boys were fine and had a lot of fun swimming. Lilikoi, however, was not so sure about the water. She didn't like it when I took her in the water and wanted to take off her wet swim suit. She did like playing in the baby pool gutter. A minute after I took this picture she also took off her swim diaper. We got some much needed sun and had a nice time relaxing on the hot sidewalk to warm up from swimming.

Chocolate Zekey

Just looking through old pictures and wanted to put a picture of Zeke after he ate a bowl of ice cream (to match the one of Gio). I love this guy. He is so fun to hang out with. Right now Lily is sleeping and Gio is at school. Zeke is sitting on my lap and we're playing Starfall. He's getting pretty good at it.

Gio and the stolen truffle

I was looking through old pictures and I came across this one. This was before we moved to California, so Gio was about 12 months. We were living in the blue house and Joslin and Julia were living with us. Maybe Becky too. Julia and Danny had made truffles and they were on a plate in the fridge. Gio somehow snuck into the fridge when someone opened it and stole a truffle and was sneakily eating it. When we caught him he quickly hid it behind his back. Have I posted this picture before? I feel like I have. Oh well.

Go Argentina!

Lilikoi is going to be our secret weapon when we have a DeMartini family soccer match Argentina vs. Honduras. Thanks Jos for the uniform!

Lilikoi is becoming fiercely independent and will throw a fit if we don't let her feed herself. It is frustrating knowing that this is going to happen.

Hi Tucker!! We went to your grove. It is one of our favorite parks.

Big Zeke

Danny and I just finished watching "Doc Martin" Series 1-4. We were obsessed. We were staying up until 2 in the morning every night because we couldn't stop after just one 40 minute episode. We had to watch at least 2, sometimes 3 or 4. We were addicted. And frankly I was exhausted. When my mom asked me if I was sad that I didn't have any new episodes to watch I told her I was kind of relieved. I was kind of excited to get some sleep and to get my life back. The next day Zeke said to me, "You finally got your life back, right?" I wasn't sure that I had heard him right. I just sort of blew it off until he said it three more times on separate occasions. Finally I asked him what in the world he was talking about. He said, "You finally got your life back from Doc Martin, right?" Note to self, Zeke is listening. I had no idea. I guess it's because he usually lets Gio do all of the talking.

Silly Lily

This was the morning that I went to the bathroom and came back to discover that Goldilocks had eaten all of the berries out of my porridge.

Lilikoi loves her potty. She loves to get undressed and sit on it and then run away and pee on the carpet. Also, she likes to put her doll in it or all her clothes. (Luckily she's never used it for potty yet.)

Water in one hand, purse on her arm and she's ready to go. When she is ready to go and I'm not she goes around the house collecting my things for me. She brings me my shoes, my jacket, and my purse.

Joslin's Home!!!

Can you believe it? I can't believe that she's home. Lilikoi turned 18 months and Joslin came home. We drove up to Nevada City to see her. Doug and Becky and Tucker came from Hawaii. Britta and Alan from Redwood City, Julia and Bryan from Orange, and April on a 24 hour train ride from Provo. Nana and Grandad, Ellie and Buddy were already there of course. Emily had gone with her parents to Argentina to pick up Jos and then to tour Honduras and had to get back to school and Nat was all the way out in Hawaii. (We missed you Nat and Em.) There was a huge snow storm the day before we drove up there. It snowed like crazy. I didn't take that many pictures. Doug got a lot more than I did and got better ones too, but I forgot to download them. We got there late Friday night. On Friday they made igloos. The girls made one in the circle and the boys made one down by the pool. On Saturday the boys and Granddad spent a couple of hours making a sledding run down the hill. We did many ma…