May 17, 2011

Thanks Mama for the cute shirt and shoes for Lily. She LOVES them. Here she is talking on the phone to Danny. I got her dressed and she went in her room and found the shoes and put them on by herself.
Thanks for the new swimsuit Nana! Even though it is a 3T it fits me!!

May 14, 2011


This little girl takes off her diaper and puts on new pants all by herself. She is NOT potty trained...

May 13, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to my other Mom

I am so blessed. A lot of people complain about their mother in law. Not me. I have the best mother in law. She is so loving and giving and energetic and fun. She is so good to us. She loves my kids so much and they love her. She raised really good kids who love each other and are making a difference in the world. I love being married to Danny. I am so lucky to be a part of the DeMartini family. Happy Mother's Day Nana Nancy. I am so lucky to be your daughter.

Happy Mother's Day Mama

Heavenly Father has a plan for us. He knew what He was doing when He put me and my momma together. I love her so much. I am so grateful for her in my life every day. I know that Danny is too. Because I have my mom, he gets spared my every insecure thought. He doesn't have to try and figure out what to say. My mom always knows what to say. She has been saying the same things to me over and over for a long time. She is my buoy and example. I learned from her to always trust in the Lord. Our family has been so blessed by Pammy's spiritual strength. She has always put our family first. I love being my mom's daughter. I just hope I can be more like her.

The Garden

This is just to say that "we" planted our garden. By we, I mean Danny. He worked and worked and woke up at first light for many days to ready the soil. I weeded the plot. Then he turned the soil over and over with sand, mulch, compost, and manure. Then he planned it out, bought the plants, planted them and set up his watering system. He put in 8 or 10 tomatoes on the right side, a row of cucumbers along the back, 4 zucchini on the left. Our strawberries were already there. They are producing a lot this year for the first time which has been fun. Then we have some basil in the front. Our asparagus is on the outside and has been very productive for the first year. I think we planted the asparagus 4 years ago, so we've been waiting a while. Luckily, patience is one of my gardener's virtues. I love my gardener and partner.

Zeke's 4!

Three days after Gio turned 2... Zeke was born. Our family was forever changed by baby Zeke. I think back to the days before we had Zeke and all I can think is how lonely Gio and I were for our little friend. He is always a bright spot in our family with his huge grin and excited hand gestures to help him tell his stories. He is such a good brother. He and Gio are perfect playmates and he is so sweet with Lily. He always surprises me with his random little displays of affection with Lily. He'll just walk over to her and say hi and give her a hug. She gets so excited and loves him back. Last night at dinner I made corn on the cob, watermelon and potstickers. Half way through dinner Zeke said, "Thanks for making such a yummy dinner mom." It was so sweet. He LOVES animals with all his heart and gets so excited about any living thing. He once fell asleep holding a frog in a cup. He had Gio pray for his frog not to have any bad dreams last night. He was asking Danny about what a zookeeper does. I think he has a future career in mind. Zeke learned how to ride a two wheeler without training wheels a few weeks ago and is a pro now. Zeke's birthday this year was pretty low key, but he is very easily pleased and didn't complain. He got just what he wanted. A remote control 4 wheeler with a power ranger on it. Danny made us a yummy breakfast of french toast with strawberries, they sang happy birthday to him at church, we flew kites in the afternoon and that night we had a tie dye cake with trick candles. He finally memorized that he turned 4 by using his fingers. When someone would ask him how old he was, instead of speaking and saying "I can't remember," he would hold up four fingers. (On the morning of his birthday he ran up to me and excitedly exclaimed, "Mom, it's my birthday today. It's my second birthday.) I love Zeke so much and am so grateful to be his mom. He is such a good example to everyone.

May 07, 2011

5-5-05 Baby

My 5-5-05 baby is 6!!! Gio is such a kind, sensitive, smart, active boy. I love him so much and am so grateful to have him in my life. We had a really good day on Gio's birthday. We had Swedish pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast. Then he had his birthday circle at school where he got to walk around the sun holding the earth while I told about things that happened to him each year. His class made him a birthday banner and he brought popsicles and shelley senbei for his class. After school he and Zeke watched Busytown Mysteries and we made cupcakes and he opened his presents. He got a huge mystery package in the mail that ended up being from Stuti and Sanchi with a remote control helicopter!! Exactly what he wanted. Gio really wanted sushi for dinner, so we went to Roll a Lot with the Spragues. It was so fun to be there with friends. Then we came home and we sang to him and he blew out his trick candles which he LOVED. Then we all fell asleep.

May 04, 2011

Truffles anyone?

Danny loves to make beautiful food. He is of the mind that food only tastes as good as it looks. He loves to work on his food presentation. That said, his truffles were beautiful and tasted amazing. He made four different flavors. White chocolate covered milk chocolate blackberry, dark chocolate mint (with mint from the garden), dark chocolate with a milk shell, and almond milk chocolate (or something like that).

sidenote: Danny loves Lily soooooo much. He will give her as many truffles as she wants. And she is a chocolate lover. He offered her a small piece of the chocolate bar he was melting. She handed it back to him and said, "NO" so he gave her a bigger one.


Danny and I attended EuroCeph 2011 in Vico Equense Italy. He did a presentation on his squid iridophore research and I got to tag along and eat lots of good food, read, listen to my books on tape, explore and relax. It was definitely a second honeymoon. Which is even better than a first honeymoon. The trip was made possible by Danny's lab and also by the DeMartini family (Joslin, Julia, Nancy, Emily and Britta--and Dave). We had amazing tag team babysitters whom we completely trusted. I know that the kids had fun and loved all of their babysitters. Today Danny had to go to Phoenix until Friday night. Gio said to me, "I wish you went with him. It could have been like a honeymoon... and Nana could have come." We video chatted with the kids a few times and they were always really happy. Our trip was 10 days. We flew into Naples and drove down to Vico Equense. Went to Pompeii and the Statzione Zoologica. When the conference was over we got a ferry from Sorrento to Ischia, an island off the coast. There we stayed in a hotel with a really cool view, hot springs and a beach. We rented a moped scooter and drove around. Danny drove crazy like the locals swerving around cars and buses in "the middle lane". From there we went to Rome and walked around for two days seeing lots of ruins, eating lots of pizza and gelato and spending Euro's like they were fake money. It was really nice to get away and have some time together with just Danny and I. Having 10 days with no cooking, dishes, laundry, bedtime/naptime was really relaxing. Here are a few pictures.

May 03, 2011

Reading with Grandad

Grandad is the best reader ever. He can take an ordinary book and make the kids and everyone else in the room roar with laughter. For example, the book "The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room" read by grandad can quickly have the whole house gathered around laughing. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's all of his special voices or could it be the extra added phrases here and there like "I told you a hundred times!!!"