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Happy June

I have tried multiple times to upload Big Sur pictures, but to no avail. So here are some random pictures that would upload. We have lots and lots more pictures.

Zeke at little shredders skate skool.

Gio putting tobiko on the inside out California roll he made.

Lily put Zeke's shorts on over her pants all by herself and also his biking glove. All while taking very good care of her baby.

Lily and I relaxing in bed at midnight after jumping on the bed and having a pillow fight. Danny and I had gone out on a date and forgot to tell the babysitter to ignore her if she cried. So when we got home she was awake and being really cute. So we had a little late night fun before we put her back to bed.

Gio and Lily in matching pjs and tie dye.

Big Sur

Untitled from Kaitlin DeMartini on Vimeo.

We went to Big Sur with Al and Britta for Memorial Day weekend. It was so fun. Here's a little video of Lily being silly for Britta and Al, which she did the whole time. She LOVED hanging out with them, especially Britta.