July 31, 2011

Medival Children's Festival

While we were in Nevada City we went to the Medieval Children's Festival at Pioneer Park. There was a real fire breathing dragon, lots of fairies, a real troll guarding the bridge, a knight in armor, and tons of crafts. The kids LOVED it.

The last month in review

We have had a fun Summer so far with more fun to come. Danny's dad and sisters came to Santa Barbara for Danny's birthday on June 21st. Then on June 23rd (the day before our 8th wedding anniversary) Danny left on his research cruise to Mexico for three weeks. The kids and I drove up to Santa Cruz for a few days. We met up with Pammy there, helped Chris and Da move a little. Did tons of cool stuff including the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the boardwalk. Then we took Enzo with us to Shelley and Steve's where we ate lots of good food and got to see the Springs. I loved it when Truman put the boys to bed by telling them stories. Then to Sacramento where Chris, Da, Maria, and Gabriel met up with us. Then we drove to Utah for the 2nd Annual Palmer Family Reunion. We bombarded Sienna's house for the first few days and then we headed up to Midway. We did lots of fun stuff every single day. Some of the highlights were the 4th of July parade, Seven peaks, hiking to Stewart falls, the Kamas aquatic center, Ada's baptism, Dairy Keen, swimming in deer creek, etc. You get the point. Pretty much every time we got in the car Zeke and Lily fell asleep. Everybody in the family was there except for Adam and Danny. We missed them. Mikey taught Lily the "Friday, Friday" song and she still sings it all the time. Lily discovered milk bottles and Elmo from her cousins and now she is addicted. On the way home we stopped in Nevada City for a few days. It was so nice to be there and go to the river. Then we came home for 2 weeks. Then on Thursday Grandad flew down and picked Gio and Zeke up in and flew them back to Nevada City on Friday. They are loving being there. Lily and I will meet up with them this weekend and Danny will come when he can. (He needs to write a paper right now so we're getting out of his way and giving him lots of time to do it. Also, we LOVE being in Nevada City.) So Danny took the camera with him to Mexico so I didn't take a single picture of my trip. Everyone else took pictures, but I need to get them. Danny met up with us in Nevada City when he got home from Mexico. We had a nice dinner with the DeMartinis, Pammy, Karen and Mimi and then we had a belated birthday cake for Danny. Then Karen played the piano and all the girls sang. Lily loves to sing happy birthday to Danny. She still sings it everyday.