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Something new

Danny got some new glasses. He was complaining about his eyes a lot so he really likes them. He says it feels like his eyes are dancing on pillows. (Oh yeah, and a haircut. Gio and Zeke also got the same haircut.)

And, Lilikoi is using the big potty. She is really good with poop, not as good with pee. She doesn't realize when she needs to pee, but she loves to poop in the potty.

Zekey jumped!!

Zeke jumped of Nana and Grandad's deck by himself for the first time. (Thanks Al for the picture.)

Zeke and Gio are up in Nevada City all week with Nana and Grandada and all their aunts and uncle. I think they are in heaven. We've been calling periodically to see how they are doing. Gio agreed to talk to me the other day only to ask, "When you come up here do we have to go home?" He does NOT want to come home. They have been swimming all day. On Saturday they swam, played badminton and bocce, and soccer all in one day. Then they finished the day watching a movie out on the deck before bed. They are so lucky!! Lilikoi is really jealous and keeps saying, "Go Nana's. Zekey boy." (She loves Gio too, his name is just a lot harder for her to say.) We are getting a lot done around here and the house is staying really clean. It is strangely quiet though. You can do ANYTHING with one kid. It is amazing. When you have one kid you don't realize how easy it is b…

Fishing at Fuller Lake

While we were in Nevada City Danny took the boys fishing a few times. The first time we went to lower Scotts Flat with Pammy and Jos and took the canoe and kayak. Only Joslin caught a fish. So we had to go again. The second time we went to Fuller Lake. We went with Nana, Grandad, Jos, Ape, Nat, Ellie and all of us. They took the canoe and kayak out again with no luck. Then they fished from the shore and both Gio and Zeke caught a fish.