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Classic Gio

This actually happened a few times with Gio. He was our sleep fighter. He never wanted to sleep because he didn't want to miss out on ANYTHING.

Wild Thing



Thanks for the nice comments everyone!! I only "waited" this long to blog it because I'm lazy and didn't have any pictures. Still don't. Originally I was waiting until I went to the doctor. I didn't make it to the doctor until 20 weeks at which time I found out it was a girl!! We are so excited for Lilikoi to have a sister. Also my sister Sienna was born on February 3rd and my mom Pamela was born on February 4th. In case you were wondering.

For lack of a better picture

By the way, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and it's a girl!! She's due on February 2nd which means we may have to name her Sienna Pamela.