Palau: Blue Corner

Danny is in Palau for school. He went diving at a place called blue corner yesterday. He sent me these pictures. He said the sharks were swimming right next to him. These ones were about 10 feet away. Then one of the cleaner fish stuck to his leg and wouldn't let go. Heehee.


Woah that is so amazing. I thought Danny went to Mexico again. I had no idea he was all the way in Palau. Nuts! These pictures are so beautiful and scary at the same time. Danny is brave. I hope he's having fun.
Rich and Erin said…
What the??!! That's crazy! Those are big sharks to be swimming openly with! Pretty awesome though! When does Danny get back? We need to come visit again so we can meet baby Iris. I hear she's quite the little sleeper. We wanted to come by a few weeks ago when we went to Rincon for the day, but it was when you and the kids were in NC. We'll make it out there again soon hopefully. I'll call you when we do!
Smiths said…
You are so calm and not even saying anything about being left with all the kids. My hero!

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